The Relationship between Maternal Behavior and the Incidence of Diarrhea in Toddlers 0-59 Months


  • Ketut Suarayasa fkuntad
  • Indira Putri
  • Angela Mutiara Riwu


behavior; mother; toddler; diarrhea incidence


Background: Diarrhea is an endemic disease with the potential for Extraordinary Events which is often accompanied by death in Indonesia. Diarrhea attacks children under five more often because their immune systems are still weak so toddlers are more susceptible to bacteria that cause diarrhea. The main cause of death due to diarrhea is improper management both at home and in health services. To reduce the death rate due to diarrhea, fast and appropriate management is needed.Methods: The research method used was literature review which was processed based on scholarly journals obtained from PubMed, Google Scholar and BMC Public Health.Conclusion: Mother's behavior in caring for and looking after children is related to the incidence of diarrhea in toddlers aged 0-59 months.